Fall ’21 Co-Commissions

A Co-Commission is an opportunity for a band to commission a brand new show with us, but to share the cost with other ensembles outside of their region.

The Fool's Path

Based on Tarot Card lore, this darker story show follows the path of the Fool card as he embarks on an ill-fated journey. On his travels, he encounters other tarot cards: The Magician, The Moon, Death, and The World. Through his encounters and experiences, the Fool becomes the wisest of them all. Inquire for pricing.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Expect a fantastical adventure as we plunge deep into the depths of the earth and discover an entire world hidden below. Show page with mp3s coming soon. Inquire for pricing.

Queen of Hearts

Ever wonder what the Queen’s side of the story was? It turns out we may have had things all wrong… Find out more in this alternative perspective on a familiar tale. Show page with mp3s coming soon. Inquire for pricing.

Need More Info?

Contact us if you are interested in any of these shows.