Fall ’24 Co-Commissions

A Co-Commission is an opportunity for a band to commission a brand new show with us, but to share the cost with other ensembles outside of their region.


Recently being added to Public Domain, the stories and characters of Sherlock Holmes are now available to bring to the field! Appropriately set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, our fun adaptation will follow Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they discover a crime, hunt for clues, pursue their target in an action packed chase scene, and ultimately catch the culprit! Plot twist potential: What if things weren’t as they seemed all along?

Going The Distance

Going The Distance will use imagery, staging, effect moments, and choreography to tell an action packed story about running a marathon. The broader themes will touch on perseverance, determination, and ultimately triumph as we conquer the biggest hurdle involved: our selves. Musically, Chariots of Fire is a potential point of inspiration in our soundtrack.

The Great Race

Utilizing some really great Americana inspired music we’ve wanted to use for quite some time, this is a show about greatness of America through the lens of the Space Race. Different than your typical “Go America” show and different than your typical “Space Race,” this show marries those two ideas together to stand out from the crowd of “space shows” or “America” shows.

The Road Not Taken

A mood show using the famous poem by Robert Frost, the audience will be taken on an emotional journey and left with a meaningful message: one choice can make all the difference.

More co-commission shows dropping soon!

Got another idea? Contact us to see if we could run it as a co-commission and have your idea created for a fraction of the price!