The Build-Up Method

Get better, faster! Developed by Front2Back Co-Owner, Eric Shriver, The Build-Up Method is a fun and easy to use training system meant to supplement any percussionists current regimen. This is a fundamental program that gets straight to the point, while still being incredibly accessible to percussionists of all levels.

Percussion Basics Pack

Set your marching percussion program up for success! Designed to be efficient and effective, this is an incredibly carefully thought out basics program to lay out a solid foundation for ANY program.

Percussion Intermediate Pack

A continuation of the “Basics Pack”, the “Percussion Intermediate Pack” is geared towards pushing your hands and skills to the next level, focusing on a variety of elements of control and chops!

Percussion Chop Builder Pack

One part training, one part chop building, and all groove. The infamous “Skill Builder Groove Tracks” are designed to develop stronger hands, faster!