What We Do

Music Design

All our shows include clean scores and sheet music, high quality MP3s, helpful count sheets, world class sound design, ready to play Mainstage files, regional exclusivity, and custom instrumentation.


We’ve partnered with Stay Other to create costume designs for many of our indoor shows. Order them along with your Front2Back show music all at once and breathe easy knowing you’re set for the season. Designed specific to each show, you can create a cohesive production from day one. Coming soon for marching band.

Set Design

Thanks to our partnership with Stay Other, start an order for prop vinyls and floors to complete your indoor show concept. Coming soon for marching band.


Teaching Tools

Check out The Build-Up Method, a collection of warm ups and teaching tools including a variety of exercises, multiple tempos, pdfs, mp3s, and even play along videos to build your battery percussion section from the ground up, or to push your intermediate/advanced players to new heights.



Complete your purchase by adding notation files (XML or Sibelius).