Terms of Service

Front2Back Music Terms of Service

Last Updated on: November 7th, 2021.

This Agreement becomes effective when you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms during ordering, or when you otherwise access or use any part of the Front2Back Music Services or Website. Your access to and use of the Front2Back Music Services are subject to this Agreement and all applicable laws, and Front2Back Music reserves the right to terminate your access to the Front2Back Music Services if you violate this Agreement.

Ownership Rights

Front2Back Music, Inc. owns all copyrights and/or publishing rights associated with any sheet music, audio recordings, digital files such as count sheets, or other files found on the website or made available through our services, through providing sample scores, through visiting our website, or any other means. If we provide you with any of these materials or if you gain access to them via our website or client login pages, you are bound by the terms in this agreement and do not hold any rights of any kind to these materials, recordings, or files (hereafter referred to as the Files) other than what is expressly allowed in our terms of service and/or other agreements.

How you may use our Files, Site, and Products.

  1. You may not share any of our Files or access pages with anyone other than those within your organization.
  2. Sharing of files or printed sheet music should be limited to only those within the purchasing organization and are not to be shared or distributed to any third party. Further, only those certain files or printed sheet music which are needed by an individual may be shared with that individual within your organization.
  3. Upon the end of the terms of our license agreement, all sheet music and files should be destroyed or deleted, or otherwise made unavailable for future use. You may not use these files for a subsequent season or term outside of that of your license agreement in any way including but not limited to performing, practice, or training.
  4. You may not access our Files unless you have been given permission through agreement.
  5. You may not remove, alter, or obscure any warranties, disclaimers, intellectual property notices or other symbols, notices, marks, or serial numbers on or relating to the Front2Back Music Files or Services;
  6. You may not use the Front2Back Music Services or Files in any manner or for any purpose that infringes, misappropriates, or otherwise violates any intellectual property right or other right of any person or entity, or that violates any applicable law;
  7. You may not use the Front2Back Music Services for purposes of: (i) benchmarking or competitive analysis of the Front2Back Music Services; (ii) developing, using, or providing a competing software product, website, or service; or (iii) any other purpose that is to Front2Back Music’s detriment or commercial disadvantage;


Children’s Online Privacy and Protection. We care about protecting the online privacy of children. To view our complete policy, see the Front2Back Music Privacy Policy at http://www.Front2BackMusic.com/privacy-policy.


Downloadable Products
We do NOT provide refunds for downloadable sheet music. If you need assistance obtaining your download (e.g., an expired link), please Contact Us for assistance.


In the event that you need to cancel a recently placed order, please Contact Us immediately.


You may contact us at [email protected].