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Her House NEW!!

By Jonathan Zuniga and Eric Shriver

Price: $1,200.00
Length: 6:30
Indoor Difficulty: World Class

Her House Full Show

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“Welcome to ‘Her House,’ a thought-provoking journey that explores themes of grief, obsession, and the power of creation.

Step into the world of a wealthy heiress, where grief takes hold in this show inspired by the legend of the Winchester Mystery House. Haunted by the loss of her husband and child, she embarks on a relentless quest to construct a sprawling mansion, filled with rooms and hallways that spiral outward.

As the story unfolds, you’ll witness the intricate interplay between her grief and her unstoppable drive to build, where each room reflects her inner turmoil. Walls, staircases, and peculiar doors all lead deeper into her psyche.

This production delves into the human soul, exploring the delicate balance between mourning and obsession, creativity and compulsion.


  • Snares
  • Tenors
  • 5 Bass Drums
  • Cymbals

Front Ensemble

  • 3 Marimbas
  • 4 Vibes
  • Xylo/Glock
  • 2 Synths
  • Electric Guitar
  • Drumset