Percussion Basics Pack

By Eric Shriver

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Percussion Basics Pack, Samples

All percussion packs include:
  • PDFs 
  • MP3s 
  • Zip File

The Build-Up Method is available for yourself or for your entire ensemble!


Simple. Efficient. Effective.

**Percussion Basics Pack 2.0**!

**2.0 Upgrades Include:
-Upgraded Sounds
-Upgraded exercise formats and pacing
-Additional Exercises 

mp3s, pdfs, and play-along videos in one package

Ready to have an entire Basics Program ready-to-go for your Marching Percussion Section?

Designed to start a group or individual from the ground up and build from Beginning towards Intermediate skill sets, these exercises are:

  • Straight-forward & Accessible: Simple Exercises with Efficient Variations

  • Simultaneously Obtainable & Challenging: Covering nearly the full useable tempo spectrum so that Beginning through Advanced students can benefit

  • Plug & Play: Included with tap-offs and metronome to make following along simple

    Play-Along Videos for all exercises AND tempos will be be found at: The Build-Up Method YouTube

(Tempos) Included Exercises – MP3 and PDFs
(7) Full Stroke Breakdown
8-8-16s (Basic Patterns)
8th Note Timing
9-8 Taps
16th Note Grid, 1-Accent
Triplet Grid, 1-Accent
16th Timing, 1-Note
(8) 16th Timing, 2-Note
(8) 16th Timing, 3-Note
Stick Control 4-2-1
(8) Double Beat – Triple Beat
Duple Rolls
Triplet Timing, 1-Note
Triplet Timing, 2-Note
Duple – Triplet Rolls
Triplet Rolls
Flam Breakdown
Flam Accent Breakdown
Flam Tap Breakdown
Paradiddles Exercise (Build-Up Patterns)

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