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This darker themed show plunges the audience into a world where chaos is the norm, where worldwide catastrophes are looming, and where life as we know it could come to an end. It takes a look at some of the more popular end of world scenarios: Some claim a meteor will wipe us out like the dinosaurs. Some say massive storms and earthquakes will ravage the planet. And some say we will be the source of our own destruction. There is optional narration if requested that ends the show on a more hopeful call to action: If we only came together to solve some of humanity’s biggest problems, we could avoid a catastrophic end.


  • Snares
  • Tenors
  • 5 Bass Drums
  • Cymbals


Front Ensemble

  • 4 Marimbas
  • Xylo/Crotales
  • Bells
  • 4 Vibes
  • 2 Synths
  • Sampler (can be standalone part or integrated into synth parts)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drumset
  • 3 Auxiliary