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What’s Out There

By Ezekiel Lanser

Price: $1,200.00
Length: 5:50
Indoor Difficulty: Open Class

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Not your typical space themed show! No count downs from mission control, no rocket launches, no anti gravity moments… Instead, this show explores one of the questions that has been on human’s minds since the first time we gazed out into the starry heavens: “What’s Out There?” Through immersive soundscape and narration, this show taps into our innate curiosity about the universe we inhabit. Does life on other planets exist? Do aliens visit us on earth? How big is our universe? This show invokes a sense of wonder through a mature music package that will leave your audience looking up!

What’s Out There was first commissioned in 2017 by Modulation Z and won the Independent A Gold Medal at WGI World Championships.



  • Snares
  • Tenors
  • 5 Bass Drums
  • Cymbals

Front Ensemble

  • 4 Marimbas
  • 4 Vibes
  • Bells /Crotales /Xylo
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drumset
  • 2-3 Synths
  • 3-4 Auxiliary