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World of Tomorrow NEW!!

By Ezekiel Lanser

Price: $1,800.00
Length: 6:40
Wind Difficulty: Grade 4
Percussion Difficulty: Open Class

World of Tomorrow - Part 1

World of Tomorrow - Part 2

World of Tomorrow - Part 3

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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Step into the ‘World of Tomorrow,’ a fun show where retro-futurism meets the boundless imagination. This show takes audiences on a thrilling rocket-fueled ride, weaving through the optimistic visions and vibrant dreams of a future that was once envisioned but never realized. With each movement, witness a colorful tableau of vintage sci-fi wonders, from gleaming chrome cities that reach for the stars to whimsical flying cars and robots living harmoniously among humans.

Our musicians and performers bring this fantastical world to life, embodying the spirit of innovation and adventure. The musical repertoire, a blend of classic symphonic pieces infused with electronic undertones, creates a soundtrack that resonates with the excitement and curiosity of an era captivated by the possibilities of tomorrow. Starting off with the theme from The Jetson’s, the familiar sound scape will immediately hook in your audience and let everyone know what this show is about.

As we navigate through this utopian landscape, the show explores themes of hope, discovery, and the timeless allure of the unknown. ‘World of Tomorrow’ is not just a performance; it’s an invitation to dream, to wonder, and to imagine the endless possibilities that lie just beyond our reach. Embark on this extraordinary journey to a future that never was, and let your imagination soar to new heights.

This show was commissioned by Pacifica High School for fall 2023.

Note: This show includes an arrangement  of “The Jetson’s (Main Theme).” Additional licensing and associated fees will apply, but we’ll handle acquiring the licensing for you. Contact us with any questions. 


  • Piccolo
  • Flute
  • Clarinet 1&2
  • Alto Sax
  • Tenor Sax
  • Bari Sax
  • Trumpet 1&2
  • Horn
  • Low Brass 1&2
  • Tuba


  • Snare
  • Tenor
  • Bass (4&5 available)
  • Cymbals (on request)
  • 2 Vibes
  • 3 Marimbas (mar. 1 covers xylo)
  • 2 Synths
  • Drumset
  • 2 Auxiliary Percussion