How To Plan Your Indoor Production Timeline

A production timeline is just a schedule or calendar that keeps the logistics of putting an indoor show on the floor on track. This is so important to achieving the success you want for your group. It allows ample time to make adjustments and improvements to the show in the later parts of the season because everything is taken care of early.

We’ve put together a rough timeline broken down into 4 major parts of the season. Get specific with dates and always work backwards from your targets to know what needs to happen when.


  • Set budget
  • Select show / begin writing
  • Begin planning, acquiring, and constructing props
  • Order uniforms
  • Order floor
  • Set target dates for when each portion of the show should be taught
  • Keep in mind: Having at least a few competitions with your full production on the floor is a good idea to receive feedback and have time to implement it.


Early Season

  • Hold auditions if necessary
  • Begin training program
  • Begin learning the show music and staging drill
  • Put first two thirds of the show on the floor



  • Finish putting the show on the floor
  • Begin to adjust what isn’t working
  • Look for potential areas the show can be enhanced
  • Listen to feedback (judges, colleagues, parents, students) and decide what you’ll want to implement
  • Prioritize your implementation so you don’t do too much or run out of time


Late Season

  • Never stop looking for ways to enhance the show!
  • Be smart about what changes you decide to tackle
  • Rigorously pursue fine tuning and small details
  • Never stop getting better
  • Pace out the end season so that the end feels like a crescendo into the final performance. In other words, don’t “peak” too soon or too late!


And that’s it! Remember, it’s up to you to add specifics for your ensemble to achieve your version of success!