Top 5 Tips For A Successful Indoor Drumline Season

While we are still in the thick of most fall seasons, it’s not too early to be wrapping your head around the upcoming indoor season and all that entails. That being said, we’ve compiled 5 tips to bring you the most success possible for your indoor group. Enjoy!


1. Get Ahead

For everything from planning your show to picking your uniforms to training your performers, it’s a great idea to start early so you have the most time possible to set things up well. Early is relative, so decide what that means for your ensemble.


2. Season Timeline: Have One!

You can break your timeline into 4 main parts: pre-season, early season, mid-season, and late season. Define what needs to get done in each part of your season, then map them to a production calendar or schedule. For example, if you know your performance and competition schedule, you can decide when you want to be done putting your show on the floor, then work backwards from there to make sure everything happens on time to achieve that goal.


3. Pick or design the right show for your group

This one is really about knowing your performers and giving them the best chance for success. Your performers skill level and the culture within your ensemble can tell you a lot about what kind of show you should pick or design. Some performers would feel more comfortable performing a dark and moody show, while others would feel more at home in a “cute” or fun show. Set them up for success by giving them what they need.


4. Play to your strengths

Of course, matching the mood of your show to the character of your ensemble is a great way to play to your strengths. But also consider the following: What if you have a very strong front ensemble but a more beginner level battery? What if you have a monster snare line? Play to these strengths by highlighting them in your production or choosing a show that does so.


5. Training: don’t skimp on it

We’ve all been there… the first show is fast approaching and you are finding yourself in a time crunch to get everything on the floor in time. As tempting as it may be in those times to skip the fundamentals, the basics, or the technique program, don’t do it! Then again, it’s best to not find yourself in that position in the first place by following all of these tips.


And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips for a successful indoor season. By no means is this list meant to be comprehensive, but hopefully it provides some value to you as you get things rolling!